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Trade and industry in Svalöv Municipality

Located in north-west Skåne in Sweden, Svalöv Municipality has approximately 13,300 inhabitants and covers an area of 390 square kilometres. The municipality comprises six small urban areas, all of which have social services in the form of childcare, a school, a library and care for the elderly.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the regions surrounding major cities will have a vital role to play in driving future economic development in Europe. Svalöv Municipality has the advantage of being located in one of these dynamic regions.

The Öresund region has a total population in Skåne, Zealand and the Copenhagen area in Denmark and the danish island of Bornholm of just over 3 million. The region must be considered Svalöv Municipality's most important arena for strategic development.

The region is well furnished with high levels of education, good infrastructure, a large labour force, good social services and attractive residential areas. In addition, it constitutes an enormous consumer market - a market which not only consumes goods and services but also experiences of various kinds.

The business life of Svalöv Municipality is dominated by small businesses. Available statistics show that, of the municipality's total of 1 432 companies, as many as 1 067, or 74.5 %, are sole traders with no employees. 1 422 of the municipality's companies, or 99.3 %, have fewer than 49 employees.

Most common sectors in Svalöv Municipality:

Sectors in Svalöv Municipality
SectorNo. of companiesPercent
Agriculture and forestry45531,7
Property, maintenance15110,5
As can be seen above, the majority of the municipality's companies operate in the agricultural sector. This has long been the case historically.

Looking back in time, it can be said that the business structure in Svalöv Municipality has remained relatively constant in the past 25 years, with one exception - biotechnology. The merger of the two largest plant breeding companies in Sweden, Svalöf AB and Weibulls AB in Landskrona, and the establishment of headquarters and research in Svalöv has led to the formation of one of Europe's largest plant breeding company. At the same time, a new type of business was created in the municipality, a development aided by the establishment of the Swedish National Seed Testing Institute locally. The municipality is also home to the Swedish body for forestry research, SkogsForsk.

Svalöv Municipality is now the national leader in plant breeding and plant-related research, and is also holding its own extremely well internationally in this area. These operations represent a large part of the growth in local business in the municipality. Svalöv is without doubt the centre for development of green biotechnology in the Öresund region and Northern Europe.

The Swedish system of small self-governing municipalities, with their own publicly elected councils, means that the municipality has major responsibility for local development. Locally, Swedish municipalities are responsible for areas such as childcare, schools, care of the elderly, social issues, business development, labour market issues, environmental considerations, planning and building issues, water and heating supply, rescue services and cultural issues.

Svalöv Municipality has drawn up a development strategy for the next 10 years and is now about to move to the implementation phase. The development strategy states, with regard to local business, that Svalöv Municipality will work on:

  • the unique business profile within biotechnology and plant breeding.
  • small businesses, including agriculture.
  • tourism and hospitality.
  • start-ups.

It would seem natural in its work on local business for Svalöv Municipality to focus particularly on companies and organisations within the areas of experiences close to nature and "from field to table".

These areas include the tourism industry, agriculture, horticulture, plant breeding and food production - sectors which already form the core business in the municipality but which have huge development potential. The sectors and companies in question are also in certain cases entirely unique operations within the Öresund region.

Good development for the "green" sector in Svalöv Municipality would also be an excellent catalyst for positive development in other business areas.

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Publicerad: 2017-12-18

Sidansvarig: Daniel Henriksson

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